Melograno LABs


"Creare is LIFE"
Melograno: inventors and innovators community for indipendent R&D.

"The pomegranate (Melograno in italian language) is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing between 5–8 meters (16–26 ft) tall. Pomegranate fruit contain many grains each independent of the other but that each contributes to the formation of fruit." “Melograno LABs” wants to create a “ideas factory” where every ideas is part of Melograno - like Pomegranate - where every idea is realized by member of LABs and the focus of development is the individual mind, where man as a means to improve the company by giving it a meaning not limited to mere profit. You could call "humanistic enterprise" in which you work, following an identical goal and you share a set of values, not material, in which we recognize ourselves as part of the entire company. The company responds to its ethics: as inside, in interpersonal relationships, and outside and always puts human values first. So it feels responsible for their own work without the need for be strict and without compromising their individuality. It enhances freedom and create a united group where everyone has a role to play for the good of all. Everyone knows that your work is a vital piece to the common growth and that our quality drive is the result of the inner quality of each. In LABs invent, seek innovative solutions, rework obsolete solutions, redefine the costs, make ideas … .
In this community we can express yourself and your ideas in full compliance with all.

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